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Thanks to all who participated in the 2023 MontreAlers Ale and Lager Throwdown (M.A.L.T.).

There were 88 entries judged and 45 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stAlbert teBraakBobsledding23D: LambicMontreAlers
2ndYacine BoujijaTati K5B: KölschMontreAlers
3rdJames KirkHeavy Water30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerMontreAlers
HMYacine BoujijaMild13A: Dark MildMontreAlers

Winning Entries

Table 1: Amber and Darker (9 entries)

1stRiccardo Santopietro
Co-Brewer: Dino Valente
S.B.R.2219B: California CommonMontreAlers
2ndMarc GuayDrunk Unkle's Unwise Beer10B: Dunkels WeissbierMontreAlers
3rdPatrick LalondeTirpitz9A: Doppelbock MontreAlers

Table 2: American and Pale (10 entries)

1stRiccardo SantopietroSolid Gold18A: Blonde AleMontreAlers
2ndPatrick LalondeTairua1B: American LagerMontreAlers
3rdBruno Trudel
Co-Brewer: Rémi Trudel
Awene Awene18B: American Pale AleMontreAlers

Table 3: Belgian and French (10 entries)

1stFrank SchneidawindLa Culbute24C: Bière de Garde MontreAlers
2ndJesse OwensVern Diersel26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleMontreAlers
3rdEric PareEz Peazy25B: Saison MontreAlers

Table 4: European Sour (6 entries)

1stAlbert teBraakBobsledding23D: LambicMontreAlers
2ndMichael Bilodeau
Co-Brewer: Mathieu Chiasson Nicolas Savard Hugo Tremblay
Red Flanders23B: Flanders Red AleFrancs-Brasseurs
3rdFrank SchneidawindRubicon23B: Flanders Red AleMontreAlers

Table 5: IPA (9 entries)

1stDavid PelosseL'Osmose Citra21A: American IPAMontreAlers
2ndXavier TrudelWhy Not IPA21A: American IPAMontreAlers
3rdMatthieu ArgougesAlexia21C: Hazy IPAMontreAlers

Table 6: Pilsner and Kolsch (11 entries)

1stYacine BoujijaTati K5B: KölschMontreAlers
2ndSam LeitkamAka27A1: Kellerbier MontreAlers
3rdNormand CyrKölsch It Bis!5B: KölschMontreAlers

Table 7: Experimental and Mixed Ferm (9 entries)

1stPatrick Lalonde
Co-Brewer: Jérôme Combet-Blanc
Stout St-Remy34B: Mixed-Style Beer MontreAlers
2ndEric PareMothership IPA28A: Brett Beer MontreAlers
3rdVincent Lalancette-ChayerBefore the Japanese Beetles28C: Wild Specialty Beer MontreAlers

Table 8: Special Ingredients (7 entries)

1stJames KirkHeavy Water30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer MontreAlers
2ndAli Mousavi-TorbatiWhat's Up Mang?29A: Fruit Beer MontreAlers
3rdBruno TrudelAnan'ale29C: Specialty Fruit Beer MontreAlers

Table 9: Stout and Porter (7 entries)

1stPatrick LalondeUppsala9C: Baltic PorterMontreAlers
2ndDavid PelosseLa Sédation Profonde20C: Imperial StoutMontreAlers
3rdXavier Trudel
Co-Brewer: Couleur café
Entry 316D: Foreign Extra StoutMontreAlers

Table 10: UK and Irish (10 entries)

1stYacine BoujijaMild13A: Dark MildMontreAlers
2ndYacine Boujija
Co-Brewer: Dominic Gagnon
Bernadette17A: British Strong AleMontreAlers
3rdJesse OwensOl' Janky17D: English Barley WineMontreAlers